b'oops, the 2 in 1 nursing towel

<tc>To get rid of breastfeeding stains</tc>

The essential ally of mothers

Want to keep your bra clean and dry? to wear your favorite little tops without staining them? to simply feel good and serene every day when you breastfeed?

Ah, the wonderful world of breastfeeding, where milk leaks and regurgitations are part of everyday life!

Yes, ladies, if you decide to embark on this adventure, be ready to face these small inconveniences with a smile.

With b'oops, no more oops...

Today, it's time to put an end to the milky mess and bring a little style and cleanliness into your life! Yes, you are happy to breastfeed your little one but admit that a little help to feel more serene when you unhook your bra would be welcome, right?

B'oops is the accessory that accompanies you throughout your breastfeeding to overcome the constraints of hyperlactation and regurgitation of the baby by keeping your daily outfits dry.

You can now say goodbye to the feeling of discomfort and fully enjoy these moments of complicity with your little one.

<tc>How does b'oops work?</tc>

Very easy to use, the B'oops nursing towel is placed in the nursing bra for optimal protection against milk leaks then attaches around the neck in a single gesture to protect against regurgitation of the baby, for the greatest comfort and happiness of mothers.

Oeko tex certified, cotton has remarkable absorbent properties.
The lightweight, elegant honeycomb side designed to protect against milk leaks dries quickly. The sponge side provides softness to the baby's skin while protecting against regurgitation.

Word from the founder

Elisabeth Guérin

Breastfeed night and day, every two hours, feel the milk flowing daily on my stomach, in a jet on my clothes, help. How can you feel good when you're perpetually dirty? I enjoyed breastfeeding, but I admit I was happy to be done with it. A completely abnormal thought when you know that you are giving the best to your child, right?

B'oops, it's the fruit of long nocturnal reflections to overcome this feeling of discomfort linked to hyperlactation and regurgitation of the baby. It is a simple and innovative accessory, intended for all mothers seeking well-being and serenity during the trying postpartum period. Because yes, it is an intense period punctuated by fatigue, rollercoaster emotions and learning the new role of being a mother. Being a fulfilled mother starts with feeling good about yourself. And B'oops is a bit like our secret superhero, it comes to our rescue to allow us to breastfeed in complete peace of mind.



What moms say about B'oops


A small revolution in the world of breastfeeding!

Marie-Claire Magazine

Paris, France


The young mothers to whom we offered b'oops in our maternity service are won over!

Navy, nurse

Tour Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland


I breastfed my daughter for 5 months with the towel, it's practical and it protects really well!

Ophélie, beautician

Le Var, France


I wish I had known about this product back in my day! I gave it to my daughter who lives in the USA, she loves it.

Françoise, retired

Founex, Switzerland


I gave it to a friend whose baby spit up a lot. Needless to say, the gift was a hit! She loves him.

Romane, nurse

Geneva, Switzerland


Thanks b'oops! I see the difference with my 2nd son. It's practical and easy to use, frankly it's life-changing. I recommend!


Paris, France


"A nugget in the ocean of childcare items. Really very practical for keeping my clothes clean and expressing my milk out of sight outside. A must have that I couldn't live without."



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Discover b'oops, the nursing towel, for optimal comfort and protection.